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Utica Shale Formation

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Utica Shale Formation

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What is the Utica Shale Formation


The Utica Shale Formation covers a vast area ranging from Quebec, Canada all the way to Kentucky, USA. Often confusing because of its proximity to the Marcellus Shale Formation, Utica Shale rock lies thousands of feet bellow the Marcellus and is characterized by its thicker, porous mature rock formations that are highly conducive for hydraulic fracturing extraction. Early estimates indicate the greatest concentration of Utica Shale is located under Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia containing reserves of at least 69 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.



Relatively undeveloped compared to its Marcellus cousin, the Utica Shale Formation is poised to be an economic propellant for the Midwest and parts of Canada for years to come. Evidenced by the $6.7 billion invested in Ohio in 2011, expectations for the Utica Shale Formation are running high among the oil and gas industry.

The Utica Shale Formation distinguishes itself from the Marcellus by also harboring liquid natural gas (LNG) and large concentrations of crude oil, sparking a rush by energy companies to gobble up land - especially in eastern Ohio. Early estimates indicate that at least 5.5 billion barrels of recoverable oil are hidden underneath the Utica Shale Formation, with estimates indicating the likelihood that the Utica Shale Formation is the single largest concentration of oil reserves within the continental United States, even larger than the Bakken Shale Oil Formation.





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